Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping up with regular maintenance on your air conditioning system will save you a lot in the lifetime of your unit.

Black-Haak Air Conditioning Services

At Black-Haak Heating & Cooling our experts will keep your unit maintained and running at highly efficient levels. Keeping your air conditioning unit on a regular maintenance schedule will save you money by decreasing energy costs, decreasing repairs, and keeping your unit running longer.

Why Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Maintained?

Even if you have a newer air conditioning system it will steadily decrease in efficiency due to the normal wear and tear of the unit. By maintaining the unit properly you will save money by keeping your energy bills lower by keeping your unit running at peak efficiency and preventing a potentially costly repair in the future.

The experts here at Black-Haak Heating & Cooling will keep your air conditioning unit cleaned and check all of the components to prevent a catastrophic and very costly breakdown. At Black-Haak Heating & Cooling we know weekends are important to you and may be your only time available to call for service so between 8am and Noon on Saturday and Sunday only the regular service rates apply. You can call us at (920) 750-7138 or schedule a service call.

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