Black-Haak Heating remains committed to taking care of our customers’ heating, cooling, air quality and electrical needs during this crisis. Our number one goal is to keep our customers and employees safe and we will continue to closely monitor guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control. Read More


Geothermal has been around for 60 to 70 years, and Black-Haak Heating and Cooling has been installing Geothermal Systems for over 15 years. A Geothermal System is the transfer of energy from the earth into your home, using no gas, fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or electricity (only to run the compressor). Geothermal heating [...]

Black Haak Heating has the knowledge and experience to answer any question in home heating, cooling and air quality. We offer Temp Star variable speed furnaces with up to 95% efficiency plus super-efficient air conditioners. Black Haak will inform you of all money saving rebates and utility programs. You will get a perfect installation fo [...]

Black-Haak Heating would like to share an informational video about GeoComfort geothermal systems. These systems cost less to operate and do not damage the environment in the process. For more information, contact Black-Haak Heating, your neighborhood GeoComfort dealer!   [...]

Black-Haak would like to share with you a video on Geo-Thermal Heating! Check out upcoming improvements to the XT Series Multi-Positional vertical geothermal heat pumps featuring an all-new Aluminum Micro-Chanel Air Coil. This innovation solves a huge HVAC industry issue by eliminating the potential for Formicary Corrosion. Enertech is th [...]

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