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Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance

The maintenance of your furnace is vital to keeping it running smoothly and efficiently year-round. You don’t want to be in the situation of having no heat in the middle of winter or facing a costly emergency repair because routine maintenance was missed. If you just moved into a new home or you’re ready to get an old furnace back on track with regular maintenance, give Black-Haak Heating a call at (920) 750-7138. The furnace technicians at Black-Haak regularly work with local homeowners in Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Darboy, Kimberly, Kaukauna and Greenville to keep their furnaces up and running year–round. That means annual maintenance, completing minor repairs, and replacing parts when needed.

Furnace Maintenance by the Homeowner

While regular maintenance of your furnace by a trained furnace technician is important, there are a number of things you can do to help keep it running properly. For instance, you should always keep a close eye on the operation of your furnace. How efficiently is it heating your home, are there any spikes in your energy bills and are there are funny smells or sounds coming from the furnace are just a few questions you should ask yourself from time to time. These are all signs that your furnace may require maintenance by a trained professional, but being aware of such issues can help you avoid costly future repair work.

Additionally, always keep your furnace room clean and organized. We see dust and debris buildup, as well as standing water from time to time, which can be dangerous for your furnace, exhaust and venting. While a trained technician should clean your ductwork every year with commercial equipment, you can help with monthly cleaning of reachable vents. A vacuum cleaner hose attachment used on room vents and the main fan of your furnace can help remove large debris and dust accumulations before they have a chance to build up. Taking these preventive steps can help avoid unnecessary breakdowns which may help extend the life of your furnace and make our work faster to complete.

Air Conditioning Technician

Furnace Maintenance by an Expert Furnace Technician

While there are a lot of self-checks and steps you can perform on your own, eventually a furnace technician is needed to take more direct action. Annual maintenance on your furnace depends partially on the type of furnace you have in your home. For example, electric furnaces are less maintenance intensive because they don’t use combustible fuels. A newer electric furnace model may only require service once every 2–3 years instead of once per year. The cost of running an electric furnace will often outweigh the benefit of fewer maintenance visits, but it’s still a nice benefit. For gas and oil furnaces, however, your service professional will need to check the flue and all vents, maintain the gas and oil lines, check for any parts that need replacement and do a workup of the furnace’s efficiency to make sure nothing has been compromised. Additionally, because furnaces use a forced air system to transfer heat throughout your home, the ductwork that transfers that heat must be annually cleaned and inspected for breaks or tears between duct joints.

Whether you just had a new furnace installed and want to get on a regular maintenance plan, or you have decided it’s time to restart your existing maintenance plan, contact Black-Haak today and learn how our Fox Valley area furnace maintenance technicians can help you keep that furnace running for years to come.

If you are ready to get a maintenance plan underway, give us a call! It doesn’t matter if you just bought a new home or are looking to get on track with routine maintenance – our team of expert furnace technicians are ready to help you get started! You can call us at (920) 750-7138 or schedule a service call.

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