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In many cases, homeowners are paying more for their heating and cooling services than they could be. There are simple steps you can make that will make your home more comfortable and cost less to heat. These easy-to-do steps are the best and simplest ways how to reduce home heating costs. Most of these font take much time at all to implement into your home, even the more complicated ones will only take a weekend afternoon.

Install a Programmable Thermostat 

If you don’t already, it is a good idea to install a programmable thermostat to be able to preset the temperature of your home, even at different times throughout the day. As many times throughout the day many homeowners are away from the home and don’t need their house as warm as when they do in the evenings, these programmable thermostats are a money saver both with heat and air conditioning. For the best results, program the thermostat to be lower when sleeping and away from the home, this will help you save a good percentage on your utility bill each month. It is important to note that these thermostats should not be used with heat pumps.

Vents, Registers, and Radiators

One of the most important and easiest steps to take to reduce the cost to heat your home is to ensure nothing is blocking the heat flow. In other words, ensure that all vents, registers and radiators are free from any furniture. When blocked by furniture, it restricts and severely limits the amount of heat that can flow into a room in order to heat it up, making your system work harder and longer to get your home to the set temperature. With a forced-air system, blocking a supply or return vent can cause a pressure imbalance in your home that disrupts the heat flow in the whole system.

Change Your Furnace Filter

If your home is equipped with a forced-air system, changing the furnace filter can save you some energy and lower the amount of dust in your home. By changing the filter, the heating system will last longer, leading to more money saved. As most system filters are cheap and can be bought by the box, we recommend to change them monthly during the months when your use your heater.

Open the Curtains

Most homes have drapes or curtains that are used to block out the sun, this is good for the summer months to keep you home cooled down but not so great in the cold months. To help reduce the cost of heating your home, it is a good idea to open your drapes and curtains as the sun will help heat up the space in a room, for best results ensure that the windows are clean. A good habit to get into is to open the curtains in the morning and close them just before sunset to utilize the free solar heating.

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