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Its only natural to expect that when you turn on your heating system in your home that it will begin to distribute warm air throughout your home. However, when instead cold air is coming out of your vents instead it can be troubling. But don’t worry here are some simple steps you can take to help fix the problem with your heating and cooling system.

Thermostat Problems

The easiest and first step is to check to make sure that it is not a mistake with your thermostat such as someone accidentally changed a setting or the timing is set for the heat to only be on at certain times. It is an easy mistake to make so ensure that this is the first item you check when trying to figure out why my heater is blowing out cold air.

Your Fan May Be Off 

Often times when your heater is not blowing out warm hair, it could mean that your systems fans are turned off. Many people turn the fans off in the summer months due to noise or other reasons. It is a good idea to check your thermostat to check to make sure that it is switched to auto when you want to use your furnace. For best results, try not to just have the thermostat set to on as the fan will just run all the time, whereas if it is switched to auto it will only be one with the furnace is on.

Check Your Flame Sensor

Another reason why your heater may be blowing cold air is that you have a dirty flame sensor. The job of the flame sensor is to decide if the burner provides warmth to help provide heat through the ducts. When checking if your flame sensor is dirty, try turning the heating system off and on again, if it is only warm for a few seconds then goes to cold, this is an indication that the sensor may be dirty and that it should be checked.

The problem is that when you have a dirty flame sensor, it makes it hard for the gas burner to stay lit and will cause the air blowing out to be only warm for a short while after turning on the heat. If you suspect the sensor to need cleaning, it is best to call a skilled professional to clean it.

Filters Are Clogged

While checking to see if the problem is your furnace, another problem could be affecting the temperature of the air coming from your heating system is that the filters could be clogged. The air has to go through the filters before it can go into the gas chambers to be warmed up. If the filters are dirty, then the air cannot move through it properly causing the temperature to be lower. To fix this issue is simple, just switch out the old filter for a new clean one, but make sure that you are choosing the right filter size to fit your current HVAC system

Disconnected Utilities

There are other times when the issue with the air temperature is due to a problem with the gas line. If there is an issue with the gas line than it can cause a disconnect with your HVAC system, which will result in a lack of warm air coming through the vents. Call the gas company to make sure your account is in good standing. The gas company also may send out a technician to make sure the connection to your home is working.

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